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The FredQuest database of people is constructed using “The Master Genealogist” and the companion program, “Second Site” by John Cardinal.

The list of people, event types, memos and images are filtered before uploading.  The website only includes those ancestors & cousins that are deceased and whose information has been sourced.  Event types are limited to those listed below and may (if known) include the related date, location and relevant notes.  Images may include one embedded portrait and possibly a marriage and gravemarker photo (linked icon next to event).

Person Event Types

  • Birth / Christening
  • Marriage
  • Immigration
  • Death
  • Burial

Additional Optional Fields

  • Biography (short bullet highlights)
  • Bio Note (significant note referenced to single source)
  • Comment (public research note)
  • Description (physical description)
  • Photo (i.e., courtesy of…)
  • Photo Caption
  • FindAGrave Memorial Number (

Image Types

  • Person Photo (single photo, embedded)
  • Marriage Photo (linked)
  • Gravemarker Photos (linked)

Person Icons   Key to icons used on person pages

Linked Image (e.g., gravemarker)
Immigrant (United States)
Military Veteran
Multiple Births (twins)
Multiple Births (triplets or more)
Cemetery Visited (grave marker found)
Cemetery Visited (grave marker unmarked or not found) memorial available
Family Biographical Sketch on FredQuest
Most Distant Ancestor Found for Particular Surname






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